Wrap-Up June

Let’s just say I’m smiling, jumping, blushing and feeling all the goodness run through my veins. June was a blast! I haven’t had so much joy, peace, love, answers, blessings, favours and miracles happen all at once in a long while. In fact, this is the best month of my year so far in 2021.Continue reading “Wrap-Up June”

Wrap-Up May

I am over the moon right now as I’m writing this post, but low key, I have tears in my eyes at the same time, but let’s talk about me being happy. Okay, how was May for you? Calm down…the juice is coming soon – please eat the rice first. So, May was a bundleContinue reading “Wrap-Up May”

Coping Through Endurance

Have you ever passed through a really difficult time at work that all you want to do is talk back, express yourself, walk away or simply quit? Then, you’re not alone. Each day, I either motivate myself and get out of bed, excited I’ll be going to work to achieve this and that. Other times,Continue reading “Coping Through Endurance”

If Wishes Were Horses…

So, today is one of those days when I make futile wishes, practice patience and let the dirt rub off on me…while still looking like I’ve got it all together with a smashing outfit and ingenuine smile- afterall, who’ll know I’m hurting inside when I’m smiling?🤷🏽‍♀️ I didn’t have a good start at all. IContinue reading “If Wishes Were Horses…”

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