Pour Into Yourself

Have you ever given people the opportunity to hurt you, take advantage of you or disrespect you or your intelligence? STOP IT!!! Don’t do that again! We give people too much credit and they disappoint us. We show them the way around our lives and even give them a room in it, but they disrespectContinue reading “Pour Into Yourself”

My TED Talk – My Career

Hi, my name is Gloria and I’ll tell you a little about me. I am a Nigerian from the south-south/ south-eastern part where we have varieties of food, sea food, a rich cultural heritage and are known to be really hospitable people. For some general reason unknown to me, people have said that those fromContinue reading “My TED Talk – My Career”

What Are Your Values?

“Our values determine the metrics by which we measure ourselves and everyone else.” The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck – Mark Manson Normally, I tend to see others the way I see myself. I measure and analyze them based on the yardstick I use for myself and yeah, I cut people lots ofContinue reading “What Are Your Values?”

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