No, I’m not shy, ashamed or embarrassed to tell you I want more of you. Not because you’re not enough, but because you leave me thirsty, unsatisfied and hungry for more. I want to spend more moments with you, not because I’m lonely or can’t stay alone, but because your presence makes me feel safeContinue reading “#Love”

Wrap-Up August

August was definitely music to my ears, besides the fact that I finally got these lovely set of AirPods- which made my life easier and better. Yes, I had different tempos play in my favour on different days and though I’d beat up myself about a whole lot, the lines have definitely been falling inContinue reading “Wrap-Up August”

Truth Unfiltered!

Let’s just say I’ve been holding this in for as long as I could, but because I can’t hold it in anymore, I’m laying it all here unfiltered! If you get all emotional after this, then it is what it is, but eventually, things will fall in place – so we hope, pray, do whatContinue reading “Truth Unfiltered!”

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