The Nigerian Dream

Let it be known that I was smiling while typing this blog post. Why? It is a great time to be alive, be a Nigerian youth and witness Unity, Faith, Peace and Progress in full display. Don’t worry, I’m here to give you the news in detail… Remember I told you about the donations madeContinue reading “The Nigerian Dream”

My TED Talk – My Career

Hi, my name is Gloria and I’ll tell you a little about me. I am a Nigerian from the south-south/ south-eastern part where we have varieties of food, sea food, a rich cultural heritage and are known to be really hospitable people. For some general reason unknown to me, people have said that those fromContinue reading “My TED Talk – My Career”

A Day In My Life

On days like today, I wish above all things that the heavens were closer, the beach was in my city and I am just a child for a day again. I lose my appetite and try to force a smile, but deep down, I know life favours some and not all. It’s 08:49am, the 23rdContinue reading “A Day In My Life”

Navigating Through Life

Sometimes, it’s so easy to wear a smile and let it stem from your heart- even if it’s a fake one, but other times, it’s even more difficult trying to bring your nerve endings together to at least fake one and avoid the questions. If you know me so well, you’ll know my smile alwaysContinue reading “Navigating Through Life”

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