Hey Ice-cream…

It’s not our friendship anniversary and neither is it your birthday, but today, I choose to flaunt and show you off in my little way. Okay, lemme go straight to the point and ask: ‘Will you be my boyfriend?’ – well, because you’re the only girlfriend who always acts like the man in my life.Continue reading “Hey Ice-cream…”

A Thing About Weddings…

When was the last time you attended a wedding? Or, are you usually the wedding guest who steps out for the glam in *asoebi or bride’s maid dresses- like you’re the bride herself or some model from the magazine? You know, it’s not also bad if you’re like me who attends a wedding once aContinue reading “A Thing About Weddings…”

True Love Exists!

Today, I realized what love is… I mean pure, undiluted, genuine love from someone who loves you regardless. This made me realize that love is and isn’t a lot of things we define it by. Sh*t hit different when she said ‘… you’re the only girl I’ve always been attracted to and in as muchContinue reading “True Love Exists!”

Sharing Me…

I don’t know how I got into this, but I also know there’s no way out. I admire a lot of people, I do like a lot too, but I love a few and I’m committed to some. Don’t get me wrong…this is no lesbian or bisexual move, it’s deeper than that, but it isContinue reading “Sharing Me…”

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