A Thing About Weddings…

When was the last time you attended a wedding? Or, are you usually the wedding guest who steps out for the glam in *asoebi or bride’s maid dresses- like you’re the bride herself or some model from the magazine? You know, it’s not also bad if you’re like me who attends a wedding once aContinue reading “A Thing About Weddings…”

True Love Exists!

Today, I realized what love is… I mean pure, undiluted, genuine love from someone who loves you regardless. This made me realize that love is and isn’t a lot of things we define it by. Sh*t hit different when she said ‘… you’re the only girl I’ve always been attracted to and in as muchContinue reading “True Love Exists!”

Dear God…

I just want to love and be loved in return…is it too much to ask for or is it too early to ask? I’m a young woman trying to make ends meet, working a 9-5, trying to build a career, putting up a side hustle and working on a couple of personal projects, but mostContinue reading “Dear God…”

Friends With Benefits

There’s this craze and crave for open relationships and personally, I have nothing against being or having friends with benefits…or being in a situationship. Yeah, a lotta people don’t just wanna be friends, but need something more. Some don’t wanna get committed and it’s either they continue with having a good time or simply breakContinue reading “Friends With Benefits”

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