Don’t Objectify Me!

On my way to work this morning, I witnessed an incident which brought back memories and inspired this post. Here’s the gist… I take a taxi to work everyday and due to the pandemic, taxi drivers were cautioned to take 3 passengers in the back seat and one in front. Now, there was a ladyContinue reading “Don’t Objectify Me!”

True Love Exists!

Today, I realized what love is… I mean pure, undiluted, genuine love from someone who loves you regardless. This made me realize that love is and isn’t a lot of things we define it by. Sh*t hit different when she said ‘… you’re the only girl I’ve always been attracted to and in as muchContinue reading “True Love Exists!”

Friends With Benefits

There’s this craze and crave for open relationships and personally, I have nothing against being or having friends with benefits…or being in a situationship. Yeah, a lotta people don’t just wanna be friends, but need something more. Some don’t wanna get committed and it’s either they continue with having a good time or simply breakContinue reading “Friends With Benefits”

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