Wrapping-Up 2020

Journaling is a hobby that’s graduated into a career and has always served as a compass which helps me navigate through the past, present and leads me onto the future. I am grateful for how far I’ve come because I’ve had to journal, make, create a lifestyle and live my dreams in 2020. So, thisContinue reading “Wrapping-Up 2020”

Celebrating Little Wins🥂

Let me take you through my experience in one year. A year ago, I left my home city, relocated to a strange land and was jobless and broke. A year later, I’ve made new friends, grown a network, gotten job offers and multiple streams of income. A year ago, I volunteered for an event, butContinue reading “Celebrating Little Wins🥂”

Rebooting Me…

Has life been fair to you? Maybe a couple of times or more for me, but sometimes, never!. For a while now or as long as I can remember, life has handed me a lot of things, splashed it on me and possibly rained these things on me, but I’ll tell you what; life hasContinue reading “Rebooting Me…”

Wrap-Up July

And July is a wrap! Wheew! It started off on a really good frequency and yes, my vibe and that of the amazing people in my life kept me walking on cloud-9 till the last day. I almost lost that vibe on the 30th- as a result of too many lost opportunities and annoying experiencesContinue reading “Wrap-Up July”

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