Wrap-Up October

Let’s talk about October!I feel like this year unwrapped itself with so much from both worlds- with the negative taking precedence. From one thing to the next and these days, I just ask myself: “What next?” Buh sincerely, there’s no response to that.Now, about October! This month kicked off for me and a lot othersContinue reading “Wrap-Up October”

Wrap-Up September

September used me to catch cruise. Liiiikkkkeeee….. It was indeed a September to remember. You need the juicy details yeah? Well, wait for it… I don’t know if I’m the only one that got caught up with all the stress and alarming bills and debt and so many goals to achieve or just too muchContinue reading “Wrap-Up September”

Fix Your Crown!

I know you change your hairstyles more often than not especially when you’re in a new relationship, new job, new position or have been in the public eye for a long while. With every new hairstyle and with every attire you have to change, you’re to never forget your crown and make sure it fitsContinue reading “Fix Your Crown!”

Rebooting Me…

Has life been fair to you? Maybe a couple of times or more for me, but sometimes, never!. For a while now or as long as I can remember, life has handed me a lot of things, splashed it on me and possibly rained these things on me, but I’ll tell you what; life hasContinue reading “Rebooting Me…”

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