Finding Courage During Distress

I really don’t know how others do it, but sometimes, people say I’m strong and resilient and courageous and this and that, but I try to be all of these things even if I see myself as someone who is very afraid, but masks confidence, someone who is very weak, but tries to be strong,Continue reading “Finding Courage During Distress”

Invisible Battles

It’s one of those days when the puzzles don’t fit The cards fall off and the tears dry up A time you realize you’re in this valley alone Slowly, silent voices stir in a distance The warriors throwing arrows Ready for an attack But I’m just here Weak and not ready to wage a warContinue reading “Invisible Battles”

Smile to Stay Alive

I wasn’t born this way With the pains and tears With the hurt and grief I wasn’t born this way Not to jump lines or join the queue Not to pay bills or try surviving Not to race or risk everything I wasn’t born this way To wear a frown and wear out To burnContinue reading “Smile to Stay Alive”

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