Wrap-Up September

Not to sound too cliché, but last month was a September to Remember. I went from climaxed highs to in-depth lows. I made new friends and let some go. I reconnected with friends and family, learned a thing or two, created and killed, and in all ways, I was tried, but I trusted and thoughContinue reading “Wrap-Up September”


No, I’m not shy, ashamed or embarrassed to tell you I want more of you. Not because you’re not enough, but because you leave me thirsty, unsatisfied and hungry for more. I want to spend more moments with you, not because I’m lonely or can’t stay alone, but because your presence makes me feel safeContinue reading “#Love”

5 Things To Achieve Before The End of 2021

It’s Q3 already and like I shared in my latest Podcast, there are goals I had set out to achieve this year which I haven’t, and some others which were not even on the list that has been achieved. So, life is a two-way street. With less than 5months away from wrapping up the year,Continue reading “5 Things To Achieve Before The End of 2021”

Lessons From My Quiet Days: #Patience

Sometimes, it is necessary to rest, re-strategize, refill, get revived, rejuvenated and restored before making efforts to reconnect and reload the missing pages. Last year November, after the #EndSARS protest, my mental health was badly affected and I had to switch off the lights, turn off the noise and find strength from the many otherContinue reading “Lessons From My Quiet Days: #Patience”

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