So Far, So Good…

You know you need to be on this ship with me right now yeah? Don’t worry, it’s not Titanic reloaded and there are lots of lifeboats for everyone plus, my God-given story bank engine is working just fine with a 9D VR experience you definitely don’t wanna pass on- well, not like I tried itContinue reading “So Far, So Good…”

A Thing About Weddings…

When was the last time you attended a wedding? Or, are you usually the wedding guest who steps out for the glam in *asoebi or bride’s maid dresses- like you’re the bride herself or some model from the magazine? You know, it’s not also bad if you’re like me who attends a wedding once aContinue reading “A Thing About Weddings…”


It’s a Sunday morning and from my current location, there’s too much noise going on from over 7 churches in the same location. Don’t quote me wrong… I am not against the church, God, religion, none of the above. Truth: I was supposed to be in church this morning due to the pressure from myContinue reading “Confession”

Stepping Into 2021…

Tadaaaa…🤪It’s 2021!!!!….💃🏽I don’t know ’bout you, buh we’re definitely gon’ be cruising, soaring, moving and moon walking if that’s all we can do. This year, I’ll be coming out like an uncaged bird- ready to soar, soar and just keep soaring. I already got my themes for 2021 in November 2020 and the goal isContinue reading “Stepping Into 2021…”

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