Away in my thoughts, you’re my newest muse. Yo! I want to race the sheets and get to the finish line, but not alone. I’m stressed out most times, but you’re my relief. You take me back and forth, fill me up like a filament, and lately been watching over me like watch tower, andContinue reading “In-Between”


Maybe it’s the way your lips feel like snow Or the way my body yields and glow Probably your grip on my waist I know this ain’t gon’ waste I want you now Touch me now Hold me tight Let’s not fight My mind keeps roaming Like MTN, you’re everywhere I go In my sleep,Continue reading “Episodes”

So Far, So Good…

You know you need to be on this ship with me right now yeah? Don’t worry, it’s not Titanic reloaded and there are lots of lifeboats for everyone plus, my God-given story bank engine is working just fine with a 9D VR experience you definitely don’t wanna pass on- well, not like I tried itContinue reading “So Far, So Good…”

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