The Nigerian Dream

Let it be known that I was smiling while typing this blog post. Why? It is a great time to be alive, be a Nigerian youth and witness Unity, Faith, Peace and Progress in full display. Don’t worry, I’m here to give you the news in detail… Remember I told you about the donations madeContinue reading “The Nigerian Dream”


From my last blog post, you’d know I was really angry and broken getting it together and out there. After that post, I know all I could pray about was for a peaceful protest with no casualties because really, it’s been bloody. However, it was peaceful at the end of the day, but the heatContinue reading “#EndSARS #EndSWAT”

Wrap-Up August

Oops!!! Can I please go back to the last days in August?… Long Post Alert coming up!!!!! I’m more than excited because August has been my best month even till the last minute and I thank God for life first of all because maybe I would’ve died that month because I had a major breakdownContinue reading “Wrap-Up August”

Don’t Judge Me!

In my teen years, I was always called ‘fat’ and people kept hammering about how I needed to stop eating so much and this and that else it would affect me in future and blah blah blah. It was induced in me so much that I also called myself fat- even when I knew itContinue reading “Don’t Judge Me!”

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