It’s a Sunday morning and from my current location, there’s too much noise going on from over 7 churches in the same location. Don’t quote me wrong… I am not against the church, God, religion, none of the above. Truth: I was supposed to be in church this morning due to the pressure from myContinue reading “Confession”

Wrap-Up August

Oops!!! Can I please go back to the last days in August?… Long Post Alert coming up!!!!! I’m more than excited because August has been my best month even till the last minute and I thank God for life first of all because maybe I would’ve died that month because I had a major breakdownContinue reading “Wrap-Up August”

Passion Vs Purpose

A lot of us most times try to figure out our life’s purpose on Earth, our purpose in a person’s life, the reason for taking certain career paths, our reason for doing this or that and sometimes, we figure it out, but other times, we don’t. Yeah, we have those friends and siblings who allContinue reading “Passion Vs Purpose”

Dear Future, I’m Ready…

As y’all know, -if you’ve been following up my blog posts- I’ve been on a self- discovery, personal development and career realization journey for a year now. I’ve taken up jobs, connected with people, jumped with excitement while feeling like I’ve found the missing piece of the puzzle and battled with tears, confusion, worries andContinue reading “Dear Future, I’m Ready…”

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