Wrap-Up September

Not to sound too cliché, but last month was a September to Remember. I went from climaxed highs to in-depth lows. I made new friends and let some go. I reconnected with friends and family, learned a thing or two, created and killed, and in all ways, I was tried, but I trusted and thoughContinue reading “Wrap-Up September”


No, I’m not shy, ashamed or embarrassed to tell you I want more of you. Not because you’re not enough, but because you leave me thirsty, unsatisfied and hungry for more. I want to spend more moments with you, not because I’m lonely or can’t stay alone, but because your presence makes me feel safeContinue reading “#Love”

BBN Throwback and Thoughts on: S6 – #ShineYaEye

Are you actively or passively watching the Big Brother Naija Season 6 Reality TV Show? If you are, please tell me you’re not among those staying up late into the night to watch others sleep, because you are not He who never slumbers or sleep, neither are you a watchman on a watchtower. Getting enoughContinue reading “BBN Throwback and Thoughts on: S6 – #ShineYaEye”

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