Wrap-Up September

Not to sound too cliché, but last month was a September to Remember. I went from climaxed highs to in-depth lows. I made new friends and let some go. I reconnected with friends and family, learned a thing or two, created and killed, and in all ways, I was tried, but I trusted and thoughContinue reading “Wrap-Up September”

Wrap-Up August

August was definitely music to my ears, besides the fact that I finally got these lovely set of AirPods- which made my life easier and better. Yes, I had different tempos play in my favour on different days and though I’d beat up myself about a whole lot, the lines have definitely been falling inContinue reading “Wrap-Up August”

Many Truths and A Lie

The past two months have been tough for me. I changed cities, roles, offices, locations, sleeping patterns, meals, skincare routines, to-do lists, relationships, attitude, and my media life. I’ve had to move from one extreme to another, hoping that the next will get better, but let’s just say it’s gradually getting better. These days, IContinue reading “Many Truths and A Lie”

10/30 Days Challenge Recap

So far so good, it’s been 10 days out of this 30 days challenge and I can tell you with my full chest that I have been able to consistently achieve a few things and I’ve been looking for someone to reward all my efforts. Who go do giveaway for me bayi? The way myContinue reading “10/30 Days Challenge Recap”

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