Truth Unfiltered!

Let’s just say I’ve been holding this in for as long as I could, but because I can’t hold it in anymore, I’m laying it all here unfiltered! If you get all emotional after this, then it is what it is, but eventually, things will fall in place – so we hope, pray, do whatContinue reading “Truth Unfiltered!”

5 Things To Achieve Before The End of 2021

It’s Q3 already and like I shared in my latest Podcast, there are goals I had set out to achieve this year which I haven’t, and some others which were not even on the list that has been achieved. So, life is a two-way street. With less than 5months away from wrapping up the year,Continue reading “5 Things To Achieve Before The End of 2021”

January Scammed Us!

Yes, January tricked us into believing 2021 would be so fast and smooth, but that was definitely a ponzi scheme without money and investments involved. Damn! I was so excited that January with all it’s troubles had come and gone and well, I hoped for the best in February- even if I knew it wouldn’tContinue reading “January Scammed Us!”

So Far, So Good…

You know you need to be on this ship with me right now yeah? Don’t worry, it’s not Titanic reloaded and there are lots of lifeboats for everyone plus, my God-given story bank engine is working just fine with a 9D VR experience you definitely don’t wanna pass on- well, not like I tried itContinue reading “So Far, So Good…”

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