Wrap-Up June

Finally, it’s over!The month of June started out for me in a not so good way and the only thing I was glad and excited about was for the gift of friendship. The first two weeks got me struggling with my mental, psychological, emotional, physical, spiritual and sexual health. I was sad, down, depressed sorta,Continue reading “Wrap-Up June”

New Beginnings

The first week of June was just not it until this morning. Yea, it’s Sunday…people went to church to pray, celebrate and all, but I worshipped alone because God showed me He was with me anywhere, anytime, anyday and even in my PJ. Growing up, I always wished for a twin and I had soContinue reading “New Beginnings”

All Lives Matter!

The way June started out for me from 12am on the 1st till today- 3days later has been on a sad, dark note and I feel a lot of persons around the world are going through same or worse. First of all, I had my fair share of a breakup, then an issue with theContinue reading “All Lives Matter!”

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