Maybe it’s the way your lips feel like snow Or the way my body yields and glow Probably your grip on my waist I know this ain’t gon’ waste I want you now Touch me now Hold me tight Let’s not fight My mind keeps roaming Like MTN, you’re everywhere I go In my sleep,Continue reading “Episodes”

This Distance

I know I signed up for this You don’t have to remind me I tell myself that all the time. We’re so close, yet so far We cross old plans We draw new ones All these to see eye to eye. We talk everyday We text and share But nothing compares to touching you. IContinue reading “This Distance”

Blood Has Lost Its Thickness

Blood has always been thicker than water With sisterhood broken With brotherhood in jeopardy With family in crises With marriages in patches Blood has lost its thickness. Friends confiding in strangers Bosses comfortable with outsourcers Indigenes bonding with foreigners The quest for love, acceptance, peace and joy Blood has lost its thickness Thank God forContinue reading “Blood Has Lost Its Thickness”

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