Back To Square-One

Have you ever hated yourself for being the reason for your weight gain? How did you deal with it? Most of us tend to feel better with a weight loss than a weight gain. We prefer being called skinny to fat. Whilst some others hate being so skinny or so fat, others have decided toContinue reading “Back To Square-One”

Body Goals: Why The Rush?

What’s your take on body goals? Personally, I admire a lot of clean, cute, cutting edge hunks and I can’t deny the fact that sometimes, I steal a glance, stare and say ‘hi’. Well, who wouldn’t? – Especially when a good scent is attached, a voice that sparks goosebumps and a body that keeps theContinue reading “Body Goals: Why The Rush?”

Wrap Up March

Wheew!😗 My synopsis for the month of March has come quite later than should, but it’s better late than never! How has it been with you? The way March ended came with an imbalance in a lot of things, lifestyle readjustments, tears for many, joy and peace for some others, but the world has shakenContinue reading “Wrap Up March”

Fitness February

Throughout the month of February, I want to love myself more unconditionally. On Saturday which was 1st, I went for a 7000km walk and hiking; gave myself a facial treatment for some smooth, glowing, soft face and yesterday- Monday the 3rd, I started my lemon detox journey and I’m cutting low on carbs to keepContinue reading “Fitness February”

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