Stepping Into 2021…

Tadaaaa…🤪It’s 2021!!!!….💃🏽I don’t know ’bout you, buh we’re definitely gon’ be cruising, soaring, moving and moon walking if that’s all we can do. This year, I’ll be coming out like an uncaged bird- ready to soar, soar and just keep soaring. I already got my themes for 2021 in November 2020 and the goal isContinue reading “Stepping Into 2021…”

Celebrating Little Wins🥂

Let me take you through my experience in one year. A year ago, I left my home city, relocated to a strange land and was jobless and broke. A year later, I’ve made new friends, grown a network, gotten job offers and multiple streams of income. A year ago, I volunteered for an event, butContinue reading “Celebrating Little Wins🥂”

Wrap-Up August

Oops!!! Can I please go back to the last days in August?… Long Post Alert coming up!!!!! I’m more than excited because August has been my best month even till the last minute and I thank God for life first of all because maybe I would’ve died that month because I had a major breakdownContinue reading “Wrap-Up August”

Wrap-Up July

And July is a wrap! Wheew! It started off on a really good frequency and yes, my vibe and that of the amazing people in my life kept me walking on cloud-9 till the last day. I almost lost that vibe on the 30th- as a result of too many lost opportunities and annoying experiencesContinue reading “Wrap-Up July”

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