Hey Ice-cream…

It’s not our friendship anniversary and neither is it your birthday, but today, I choose to flaunt and show you off in my little way. Okay, lemme go straight to the point and ask: ‘Will you be my boyfriend?’ – well, because you’re the only girlfriend who always acts like the man in my life.Continue reading “Hey Ice-cream…”

My Life is a Gift

Yes, I feel really blessed! Blessed that I am me, I have me and will always protect and provide for me. Did I just say trash? No… I’m heading somewhere. Does it sound selfish? No… You need to be calming down. You should be happy for me. Why? Lately, I’ve felt like the odd oneContinue reading “My Life is a Gift”

True Love Exists!

Today, I realized what love is… I mean pure, undiluted, genuine love from someone who loves you regardless. This made me realize that love is and isn’t a lot of things we define it by. Sh*t hit different when she said ‘… you’re the only girl I’ve always been attracted to and in as muchContinue reading “True Love Exists!”

Ladies, Gather Here!…

Did you know periods are contagious?🤷🏽‍♀️ Yes, research verified it! Keep reading and let’s break the ice together. Here’s the thing…my sister and I live together and yeah, sometimes, my period used to come weeks or days before hers until the last 4 months where hers has had to come before mine and on herContinue reading “Ladies, Gather Here!…”

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