5 Things To Achieve Before The End of 2021

It’s Q3 already and like I shared in my latest Podcast, there are goals I had set out to achieve this year which I haven’t, and some others which were not even on the list that has been achieved. So, life is a two-way street. With less than 5months away from wrapping up the year,Continue reading “5 Things To Achieve Before The End of 2021”


Away in my thoughts, you’re my newest muse. Yo! I want to race the sheets and get to the finish line, but not alone. I’m stressed out most times, but you’re my relief. You take me back and forth, fill me up like a filament, and lately been watching over me like watch tower, andContinue reading “In-Between”

This Thing Called Love And Everything In-Between: #Breakup

The sub-topic in this series wasn’t supposed to be in view or my reality at all, but life happens and we have to move on, grow up and live on. Last week, my relationship ended. Okay, I should say friendships because it’s not from one source only. It hurts a whole lot, but there’s noContinue reading “This Thing Called Love And Everything In-Between: #Breakup”

Wrap-Up May

I am over the moon right now as I’m writing this post, but low key, I have tears in my eyes at the same time, but let’s talk about me being happy. Okay, how was May for you? Calm down…the juice is coming soon – please eat the rice first. So, May was a bundleContinue reading “Wrap-Up May”

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