Smile to Stay Alive

I wasn’t born this way With the pains and tears With the hurt and grief I wasn’t born this way Not to jump lines or join the queue Not to pay bills or try surviving Not to race or risk everything I wasn’t born this way To wear a frown and wear out To burnContinue reading “Smile to Stay Alive”

Zoning Out

You keep ghosting when it strikes For how long? I’ve zoned out a few more times My recipe– changing locations For others– hiding completely Yes, I have hide outs Or, do I say used to have? Please stop zoning out Nothing is worth it Be here for you Even if on dark mode No moreContinue reading “Zoning Out”

Life Lately… An Update on Everything

It’s amazing how so much can happen in a twinkle of an eye. Well, life is a rhythm full of ups and downs, but personally, I’ve had more downs than ups lately and I guess it’s the season for it. Yes, this has driven me almost nuts sometimes, made me cry so much and sweatContinue reading “Life Lately… An Update on Everything”

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