Away in my thoughts, you’re my newest muse. Yo! I want to race the sheets and get to the finish line, but not alone. I’m stressed out most times, but you’re my relief. You take me back and forth, fill me up like a filament, and lately been watching over me like watch tower, andContinue reading “In-Between”

This Thing Called Love And Everything In-Between: #Breakup

The sub-topic in this series wasn’t supposed to be in view or my reality at all, but life happens and we have to move on, grow up and live on. Last week, my relationship ended. Okay, I should say friendships because it’s not from one source only. It hurts a whole lot, but there’s noContinue reading “This Thing Called Love And Everything In-Between: #Breakup”

From A Place Of Strength

I chose to write this from a `place of strength, without carefully weaving my words together in an attempt to impress no one, but find healing for me. I am angry, tired, broken, sad, unhappy and maybe enraged with emotions and constant reminders of the memories I played a part in, initiated and contributed toContinue reading “From A Place Of Strength”

The Spark

You don’t know how you make me feel You’ve created a spark in me that’s burned so bright A spark I’ve fanned to flames Flames of light and fire and sometimes fireworks I keep glowing each day because you’ve rubbed off some of you on me Though age and distance and time may conflict IContinue reading “The Spark”

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