Zoning Out

You keep ghosting when it strikes For how long? I’ve zoned out a few more times My recipe– changing locations For others– hiding completely Yes, I have hide outs Or, do I say used to have? Please stop zoning out Nothing is worth it Be here for you Even if on dark mode No moreContinue reading “Zoning Out”

New Beginnings

The first week of June was just not it until this morning. Yea, it’s Sunday…people went to church to pray, celebrate and all, but I worshipped alone because God showed me He was with me anywhere, anytime, anyday and even in my PJ. Growing up, I always wished for a twin and I had soContinue reading “New Beginnings”

All Lives Matter!

The way June started out for me from 12am on the 1st till today- 3days later has been on a sad, dark note and I feel a lot of persons around the world are going through same or worse. First of all, I had my fair share of a breakup, then an issue with theContinue reading “All Lives Matter!”

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