The Nigerian Dream

Let it be known that I was smiling while typing this blog post. Why? It is a great time to be alive, be a Nigerian youth and witness Unity, Faith, Peace and Progress in full display. Don’t worry, I’m here to give you the news in detail… Remember I told you about the donations madeContinue reading “The Nigerian Dream”

I’ve Been Used!

Lately, I’ve felt used, taken advantage of and fooled. The feeling keeps coming and better still, there are revelations on the people involved in this plot. I see the acts, I hear the thoughts from a distance, I reminisce past events and conversations and all I want to do is retrace my steps, press theContinue reading “I’ve Been Used!”

I Can’t Shut Up!

Sincerely, I just can’t shut up about certain things and I know I really have to try working on this part of me because it’ll require a lot of unlearning and relearning when to speak up, talk about stuff and when to shut up. Here’s the deal… I grew up in a family where almostContinue reading “I Can’t Shut Up!”

Trust The Process…

You don’t need to have it all together. You don’t need to see clearly all that lies ahead with the bends, curves, tilts and signs before taking the first step. You don’t need to be sure about what you’re getting into before you decide to live in the moment. You don’t need your plans, goals,Continue reading “Trust The Process…”

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