5 Things To Achieve Before The End of 2021

It’s Q3 already and like I shared in my latest Podcast, there are goals I had set out to achieve this year which I haven’t, and some others which were not even on the list that has been achieved. So, life is a two-way street. With less than 5months away from wrapping up the year,Continue reading “5 Things To Achieve Before The End of 2021”

Life Lately: An Update On The Specifics

Forget about the pictures you see because it’s a product from my most relaxed days and unplanned best moments in the last couple of days… Let’s just say 3-5 days. My life has gone from being so organized and planned out, happy and full of life to a life where I can’t even get aContinue reading “Life Lately: An Update On The Specifics”

Relearning Consistency

What comes to mind when you read or hear people talk about CONSISTENCY? For me, I think about how to be organized, find stability and stay relevant. Sometimes, my personal board of directors send words of affirmation my way, by constantly reminding me of how consistent I’ve been with pushing my dreams, availing myself withContinue reading “Relearning Consistency”

Wrap-Up May

I am over the moon right now as I’m writing this post, but low key, I have tears in my eyes at the same time, but let’s talk about me being happy. Okay, how was May for you? Calm down…the juice is coming soon – please eat the rice first. So, May was a bundleContinue reading “Wrap-Up May”

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