Skill Versatility

Yeah, what does that even mean? That’s why I’m here…read on!What do you think about being versatile- especially when it’s career related? I think, versatility is a necessity. For instance, imagine a chef who doesn’t have photography skills- he or she might be really skillful and great at cooking and packaging, but sharing the mealsContinue reading “Skill Versatility”

Wrap Up March

Wheew!😗 My synopsis for the month of March has come quite later than should, but it’s better late than never! How has it been with you? The way March ended came with an imbalance in a lot of things, lifestyle readjustments, tears for many, joy and peace for some others, but the world has shakenContinue reading “Wrap Up March”

Stand For Something…

Knowing what to do and doing it can be really difficult sometimes especially if you’re still trying to find a path and a balance. I have always wanted to be a writer and I do love writing a whole lot. I had always wanted to share my stories with others and give people words ofContinue reading “Stand For Something…”

Creating A Lifestyle

Creating a lifestyle sounds really cool, and seems quite expensive….but that isn’t true. You can create a lifestyle and look classy by living a minimal life and one that totally depicts who you are. How can you make this possible? Take out time to study yourself: Know the things you like and dislike like colors,Continue reading “Creating A Lifestyle”

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