Picking Up The Pieces

It’s been a minute…and I sincerely missed blogging my truths, experiences, messages of hope, tips and tricks, laying it all out here. However, I’m gradually trying to pick up the pieces from where I left off, but this time, I’m coming back better. So far so good, I’ve decided to own my journey with allContinue reading “Picking Up The Pieces”


It’s a Sunday morning and from my current location, there’s too much noise going on from over 7 churches in the same location. Don’t quote me wrong… I am not against the church, God, religion, none of the above. Truth: I was supposed to be in church this morning due to the pressure from myContinue reading “Confession”

The Nigerian Dream

Let it be known that I was smiling while typing this blog post. Why? It is a great time to be alive, be a Nigerian youth and witness Unity, Faith, Peace and Progress in full display. Don’t worry, I’m here to give you the news in detail… Remember I told you about the donations madeContinue reading “The Nigerian Dream”


From my last blog post, you’d know I was really angry and broken getting it together and out there. After that post, I know all I could pray about was for a peaceful protest with no casualties because really, it’s been bloody. However, it was peaceful at the end of the day, but the heatContinue reading “#EndSARS #EndSWAT”

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