A Thing About Weddings…

When was the last time you attended a wedding? Or, are you usually the wedding guest who steps out for the glam in *asoebi or bride’s maid dresses- like you’re the bride herself or some model from the magazine? You know, it’s not also bad if you’re like me who attends a wedding once aContinue reading “A Thing About Weddings…”

Wrapping-Up 2020

Journaling is a hobby that’s graduated into a career and has always served as a compass which helps me navigate through the past, present and leads me onto the future. I am grateful for how far I’ve come because I’ve had to journal, make, create a lifestyle and live my dreams in 2020. So, thisContinue reading “Wrapping-Up 2020”

Detty December…2020

Did you have a Detty December in 2020? I can’t say so much for myself, but my girlfriends did have one and I’m so happy, proud and grateful for their experiences. Now, from the moment there was a delay in payment to the work day extension, I knew somethings were definitely not going to goContinue reading “Detty December…2020”

Wrap-Up December

I’m not afraid to say this in public, but December was a financial roller coaster for me. It started out with so many bank issues, debts, loans, payments, business transactions, cash giftings and just everything money. I was rich, broke and in-between. Now, it wasn’t all about money…so, walk with me. In December 2020, IContinue reading “Wrap-Up December”

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