Passion Vs Purpose

A lot of us most times try to figure out our life’s purpose on Earth, our purpose in a person’s life, the reason for taking certain career paths, our reason for doing this or that and sometimes, we figure it out, but other times, we don’t. Yeah, we have those friends and siblings who allContinue reading “Passion Vs Purpose”

Wrap-Up June

Finally, it’s over!The month of June started out for me in a not so good way and the only thing I was glad and excited about was for the gift of friendship. The first two weeks got me struggling with my mental, psychological, emotional, physical, spiritual and sexual health. I was sad, down, depressed sorta,Continue reading “Wrap-Up June”

Stretched Into Capacity

Have you ever felt stretched into capacity all of a sudden that you just have to try making out time to take it all in…breathe in and exhale? So, lately, I’ve felt so stretched into capacity so much that I’m excited I’m making progress, growing, learning, getting exposed and all, but sometimes I feel likeContinue reading “Stretched Into Capacity”

Wrap-Up April

We all started the month of April sitting far away from the world; just staring and listening. It’s finally come to an end and in one way or the other, we’re still isolated away from the physical world while we try adopting and adapting to living in a virtual world and only viewing from aContinue reading “Wrap-Up April”

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