Wrap-Up April

It’s been a minute since I made a wrap-up post, but here I am, happy to be back to journaling, blogging and sharing my lifestyle story. April for me was another chance to live. It brought fresh beginnings, opportunities to pick up the pieces and try again, moments to build trust, be grateful, mend whatContinue reading “Wrap-Up April”

In January…

Did the ‘January Broke Fever’ catch up with you? A lotta people usually have a yellow and red balance in the first month of the year because of the many expenses accrued during the festive season. It is without doubt that bank statements, checks and balances, analysis, plans and goals are usually unavoidable keywords inContinue reading “In January…”

Wrapping-Up 2020

Journaling is a hobby that’s graduated into a career and has always served as a compass which helps me navigate through the past, present and leads me onto the future. I am grateful for how far I’ve come because I’ve had to journal, make, create a lifestyle and live my dreams in 2020. So, thisContinue reading “Wrapping-Up 2020”

Wrap-Up December

I’m not afraid to say this in public, but December was a financial roller coaster for me. It started out with so many bank issues, debts, loans, payments, business transactions, cash giftings and just everything money. I was rich, broke and in-between. Now, it wasn’t all about money…so, walk with me. In December 2020, IContinue reading “Wrap-Up December”

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