This Thing Called Love And Everything In-Between: #Breakup

The sub-topic in this series wasn’t supposed to be in view or my reality at all, but life happens and we have to move on, grow up and live on. Last week, my relationship ended. Okay, I should say friendships because it’s not from one source only. It hurts a whole lot, but there’s noContinue reading “This Thing Called Love And Everything In-Between: #Breakup”

This Thing Called Love And Everything In-Between: I’m In Love or Maybe Not…

This entire love thing is totally inevitable. Today, one person sweeps you off your feet, tomorrow, another one gives you butterflies and then, there’s the other one who makes you feel like you’re home- giving you peace, joy and is your safety net. One can slowly crawl into your life without you even realizing you’veContinue reading “This Thing Called Love And Everything In-Between: I’m In Love or Maybe Not…”

My Love Language

Few days ago, I had a conversation with a friend and we spoke about love languages. I really wondered what mine was and it was similar to hers. So, I decided to research on it to be certain I wasn’t making a mistake and no, I wasn’t. My primary love language is quality time, followedContinue reading “My Love Language”

We’re Stuck Together!

Today, I had a dream…a good dream and though I cannot remember what happened, I woke up with these words from that dream: “God entangles the pieces in common” or, put it this way: “God entangles the common pieces.”All day, I kept these words in my heart and checked out a few definitions I’ll shareContinue reading “We’re Stuck Together!”

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