Learning to be Present

Far back in August 2020, is the last time I remember being fully present before my life got into autopilot and through anxiety loops that landed me in panic attacks months later. All through September down to late November, I did feel like I was in my comfort zone- a place where I had itContinue reading “Learning to be Present”

Don’t Limit Yourself!

I love creatives and creators because they don’t limit themselves as much as others do. They explore, fail or succeed, grow and keep the adventure spirit alive. They take on projects and tasks that help them expand their knowledge bank and give back to the society from the depths of their wells. Self-limitation is aContinue reading “Don’t Limit Yourself!”

We’re Stuck Together!

Today, I had a dream…a good dream and though I cannot remember what happened, I woke up with these words from that dream: “God entangles the pieces in common” or, put it this way: “God entangles the common pieces.”All day, I kept these words in my heart and checked out a few definitions I’ll shareContinue reading “We’re Stuck Together!”

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