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I Woke Up Different

Today, I woke up different. Had an altercation with God and did have a little chit chat asking Him to help me and save me from everything going on around me and within me- because I don’t know anymore. Yes, I’m depressed. I lamented over my dishevelled hair, tried to comb out the wig, butContinue reading “I Woke Up Different”


Yes, I find you sexy – there’s no denying that. Yes, you confuse me and leave me feeling blushed up with no red cheeks. No, it’s no exaggeration that I bite my lips a lot each time I think about you. No, it’s not a bad thing for me to feel all sensitive and ticklishContinue reading “Mood”


No, I’m not shy, ashamed or embarrassed to tell you I want more of you. Not because you’re not enough, but because you leave me thirsty, unsatisfied and hungry for more. I want to spend more moments with you, not because I’m lonely or can’t stay alone, but because your presence makes me feel safeContinue reading “#Love”

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