The Nigerian Dream

Let it be known that I was smiling while typing this blog post. Why? It is a great time to be alive, be a Nigerian youth and witness Unity, Faith, Peace and Progress in full display. Don’t worry, I’m here to give you the news in detail…

Remember I told you about the donations made to support the protest by individuals, brands, citizens home and abroad and non-citizens too yeah? Yes, your head is there. So, in a week, over 50 Million Naira has been donated in different currencies. This is money by the protesters, for the protesters, to the protesters. Infact, in only a few days, an entire system has been created in an “Uncoordinated” coordinated manner according to Iretioa Doyle. E shock you? Be calming down…

So, from planning, action, teamwork, consistency, communication, accountability, transparency and what have you…name it…it has been put together to make this even more amazing. It is educating, entertaining, emotional, encouraging, empowering and just a blend of everything. Funding, logistics, communication, rapid response- both legal, medical and security teams, feeding, costume, clean-up, music, documentary, delivery and dispatch, mobile toilets, raincoats, canopies, varieties of rich meals and drinks, water and snacks, call-centre, therapy, data, funds for vandalized cars, destroyed properties, missing devices returned, phone repairs and just a lot has been provided and donated to make this protest a success. Tell me why this isn’t the Nigerian Dream?

It will amaze you to know that the miscreants who were caught yesterday were beaten, taken to the hospital for medical checkup, fed and given drugs by protesters whom they attacked. Also, people opened up their doors for protesters to change into their raincoats. After the rain, tea and pepper soup was served. Most of these protesters who are graduates, business men and women, millionaires too…have slept at Lekki Toll Gate and Alausa on the floors, placards, clothes, regardless of the discomfort from cold, mosquitoes, and so much more.

Some churches, religious leaders, organizations and politicians are gradually trying to take part in the protests just to mark attendance because they have witnessed the seriousness and progress of the protest. However, na person wey follow protest we go relate with.

A woman came to sell food items at the protest ground and during a moment of chaos, her goods were spilled, but protesters contributed funds to help cover her loss. Again, I say… what a time to be alive.

The Nigerian politicians have realized that this is not business as usual and the youths aren’t just making noise, but we are tired of being tired and are demanding for a change. With this, the IGP on the 13th of October announced the formation of the Special Weapons and Tactics Unit (SWAT) to replace the “supposedly” dissolved Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS), but again we know it’s a lie because SWAT wasn’t just formed now. Plus, we aren’t even protesting for a change of name or doing a naming ceremony. My dear, werey wan dey disguise.

We are tired of the shalaye and this time, we have decided to soro soke and have thrown the leaders into confusion because the protesters don’t have a leader. So, there’s no one to speak for us and none for them to bribe. We have a #5for5 demand and until the government responds to all, we are not backing out. They also need to apologize and fix other things. Buhari laughed when Sanwo Olu told him about the compensation and imagine o, they ended up giving Jimoh Isiaq’s parents 1Million Naira and 100Million for the renovation of the palace building. Forget it, #BuhariHasBeenABadBoy.

Where is all the energy coming from?
People are tired of being lied to. “Nigerian youths have nothing to lose because you have taken everything from them.” -Aisha Yesufu 2020
People are tired of being tired. Fela’s mum, Fela, Fela’s son and grandson- 4 generations have witnessed Buhari’s regime and have been protesters in all.
A girl sat on a statue crying and refused to fly the Nigerian flag because her three brothers were killed on the same day and dumped in a well by SARS.
DJ KAKA protested with anger because SARS tok his car, killed his twin and wanted to kill him too. There are many more sad experiences and related collective stories, but again, I am proud to be a Nigerian youth protesting for change. Las Las, we will #EndSARS and #EndSWAT. This is the Nigerian Dream! 


From my last blog post, you’d know I was really angry and broken getting it together and out there. After that post, I know all I could pray about was for a peaceful protest with no casualties because really, it’s been bloody. However, it was peaceful at the end of the day, but the heat in #AbujaProtest has been crazy each day. Keep reading…

We finally had the #NationalProtest on Tuesday the 13th of October which was Day5 and from my desk at work- where I kept tabs on everything from tweeting to retweeting, I prayed and prayed and just kept praying. Guess what? PMB deployed soldiers to attack protesters in front of the National Assembly and they beat up the camera men from Arise TV who were doing a live recording, smashed their cameras, destroyed it and beat up some protesters too. Some were injured and the medical team took care of them in the ambulance, but the ingredients didn’t know they were already on live TV.

Next up! The Feminist Coalition handled by F.K. Abudu was under a threat, their bank account was deactivated, but my dear, this is Nigeria and we coconut heads and indomie generation who use bitcoin got a notification to donate to a bitcoin account. Liiiiikkkkeee…. we move! Nothing can stop us!

Did I also tell you that a lot of people have donated to make this protest a success? Okay, hear it from me too. Nigerians, non-Nigerians and our abroad people have made heavy donations to this cause in different currencies. Yes! if you’re on Twitter, kindly follow @fkabudu to make your donations too. Some have donated their time, energy, resources, voices, a whole damn lot. Infact, brands, individuals and more have sponsored one thing or the other and i’m excited I am a youth and alive to witness and be a part of this. This isn’t all…

When PMB was busy commissioning keke napeps, bicycles and groundnut oil for the Youth Empowerment Scheme- neglecting these same youths who were protesting, policemen, soldiers and SARS officials were arresting, injuring and killing people in different states at the same time. This is the country we live in.

However, in some states, the reverse was the case. In Akwa Ibom, the Police were unarmed to protect and assist the peaceful protesters carry out their protest. In Ibadan, Soldiers actually marched with the protesters. In the US, the security officials there safe guarded the youths protesting and same with a few other locations.

In Abuja, a woman went into NASS with her placard and was kicked out. The youths marched all the way to NASS and Min. of Justice- where the soldiers attacked them. Our front liner Aisha Yesufu was with us and yes, we regrouped again at Unity Fountain, our meeting point.

In Ghana, Zlatan Ibile led the protesters too. Pharmacies, shop owners, fathers and mothers have all donated to make this a success and at Lekki Toll Gate, it was more of a carnival. Don’t worry, you’ll get all the juicy details about this in the next blog post- ‘The Nigerian Dream.’ 

Here’s the gist yeah…
Yesterday and today, the 14th and 15th of October 2020, let it be known that thugs/ hoodlums/riffraffs were hired to harass, beat up, injure protesters, vandalize cars and disrupt the protest. Infact, they came with sticks, stones, bottles and machetes to possibly kill protesters too. Protesters have been injured, arrested and detained in some locations and sincerely, they forget the world is watching. Thing is, the Nigerian Bar Association has condemned the use of live rounds on peaceful protesters and yes, you guessed it right. They’re using these hoodlums to make the world think protesters are violent, but they dunno…

To keep the world updated with these events, Aljazeera, BBC, CNN and Washington Post are keeping up with the brutality and terrible leadership we have. CNN said we should keep tweeting with the hashtag #EndSARS #SARSMUSTEND and #EndSWAT to keep them up to speed. Since the National media outlets have been bribed and told to spread fake news, the International media is covering every damn thing. Let me add some more juice…

Jack of Twitter has tweeted with the hashtag and asked the world to donate to the success of the protest. He has verified the accounts of frontliners and since the government wants to shut down the internet, tech community members have educated people on what to do and keep up with the news. My dear, Buhari called us lazy youths, but through our laziness, the world is now backing us up. We now have the Youth Democratic Party for the 2023 elections.What a time to be alive and be a Nigerian youth. Forget it…
The Giant is Awake!


These past days, you’ve definitely heard or seen some news concerning the #EndSARS and #SARSMUSTEND protest in Nigeria.
There’s also a possibility that the news you’ve heard isn’t the truth as most National media outlets in Nigeria are twisting the truth and hiding it from the world, but the world is watching. Let me help you understand this better…

SARS is a section in the Nigerian Police Force which was created a few years ago to fight crime and robbery in the country in order to safe-guard and protect lives and properties, but on the contrary, SARS has rather become an ‘Authorized Terrorist Group’ in the country. Why? They go about extorting youths, harassing them, checking their phones, seizing these phones, smashing it all in the name of tagging them ‘Yahoo boys’ -who are cybercrime fraudsters. Not only that, they harass any youth they come across, physically and verbally abuse them, beat them up as if these youths were thieves. Let’s take this deeper…

As a Nigerian youth, dressing up in order to look good for an outing is a crime. Why? SARS will definitely harass you, ask where you got the money from, check your phones and laptops, seize them, destroy them and ask you to pay a fine before they let you go. Yes! They either take you to the nearest ATM outlet or use their POS to withdraw large amounts of money from you. It would’ve been maybe better if it ended there, but NO! They beat up youths, detain them and sometimes kill them in the spot or detain them and release them with a heavily charged bail fee, but most likely, you’d get killed because they disarm you of phones you could use to reach out to anyone for help. These supposedly ‘Anti-Robbery Squad’ molest, assault, rape and kill young girls and women. That isn’t all…

Their job was to fight crime, but they label every young person with an iPhone and laptop who is possibly a content creator, creative or developer a CRIMINAL. They label every young and upcoming music artist a CULTIST. Every young guy with dreads, tattoo, rings, gadgets, cars- preferably Mercedes-Benz- is being labelled a THIEF. Sometimes, whether you’re Nigerian or not, it’s your first time in the country or not, as long as you look good, have gadgets on you or worse still, drive a car, you’re labelled as a CRIMINAL and most times when detained, they charge you for fraud, kidnapping, murder and all the crimes they can think of. The police brutality is just too much to be silent about anymore.
What has the government said or done about this? Let’s see…

In 2017, they said they’d REFORM the SARS unit, but that was a lie. In 2018, they said they’d REORGANIZE the unit too, but they still lied. In 2019, they said they’d DISBAND them, but that was yet another lie. A video leaked on the internet few days after Nigeria celebrated her 60th independence- and in it, an old man whose son was murdered by the SARS officials cried, prayed and cursed those who killed his son and tagged him a criminal- when he’d done nothing. This is what led to the ongoing #EndSARS protest by the Nigerian youths.

The #EndSARS protest is simply a peaceful protest by the Nigerian youths who just need the freedom to live! There’s no freedom of movement, speech, nothing… We’re not fighting for the light we don’t have, water, unemployment, just our right to LIFE, but this is the 6th day and rather than listening to the youths, the peaceful protest has become a war zone. Let me break this further…

The protest which began in Lagos on Thursday was soon joined by the Nigerian youths who are home and in diaspora. Peaceful protests has been ongoing for days now from the 8th of October, 2020- with youths asking for the SARS unit to be scrapped out completely as a result of their hideous and evil activities. It has been a peaceful protest, but from Friday, the 9th of October, the SARS officers started using tear gas, hot water and opened live rounds on unarmed, peaceful protesters. There’s been constant killings since then in the country. They’ve arrested, detained, kidnapped, assaulted and killed peaceful Nigerian citizens who for some weren’t even part of the protesters. This isn’t all…

On Sunday, the 11th of October, the Inspector General of Police announced the dissolution of the SARS unit, but few minutes after that, the SARS officials who were on duty and not supposed to be on duty, opened fire on the peaceful protesters in Abuja, injuring and killing some. Worse still, the #EndSARS which has been trending No.1 in the world was hijacked and shadowed, leading to the use of the new #SARSMUSTEND which is currently trending No.1 in the world too. The Nigerian media outlets have been paid to report fake and controversial news concerning this ongoing protest, but CNN Africa and CNN International, Al Jazeera, BBC and a few other media outlets have captured the whole truth about this story. For more information, please search the #EndSARS or #SARSMUSTEND on Twitter.

Yesterday, the 12th of October, after series of death tolls and injuries and increased harassment fromĀ  SARS, the Nigerian President- Buhari announced the disbandment of SARS, but again, that was just news as more people were killed after that. The Nigerian youths are angry. There’s been protests so far in Toronto – Canada, London, Belgium, Texas and a few other countries, but massively in almost all states in Nigeria including Lagos, FCT- Abuja, Kwara- Ilorin, Plateau- Jos, Kogi- Lokoja, Cross River- Calabar, Akwa Ibom- Uyo, Abeokuta- Ogun, Oyo- Ibadan, Anambra- Awka, Edo- Benin and a lot of other states in Nigeria. Some brands have partnered with Nigerian youths to bring an end

to this madness.

A lot of Nigerians in Lagos couldn’t go to work yesterday, some went, but joined the protest too. Some companies have declared this week free for their youths to join the protest and fight for their rights, whilst some others have only decided to feign incredulity to the happenings in the country. More annoyingly, the UN and other bodies who are supposed to step into this matter have blatantly refused to do so till it becomes a civil war. Celebrities have lended their voices to amplify the protest and some outstanding Nigerian women have also been great heroes to this cause. Names like Savvy Rinu, Aisha Yesufu, WizKid, Davido, Debo Maccarroni and many others wi never be forgotten for helping in amplifying the voices of our fight for freedom to live.

I am saddened, angry, in pain, in tears, terrified if I’ll be the next to be assaulted or my friend will be kidnapped or someone I know will be detained. All Nigerian youths live in fear and all we’re asking for is #EndSARS #SARSMUSTEND is this too much to ask for? There will be a Nationwide protest today Tuesday the 13th of October, 2020 and we still hope the Government we voted for will not be deaf anymore to our demands.

For every life that has been lost in this peaceful protest, there shall be vengeance and justice will prevail insha Allah. For every Nigerian who is fighting for this cause too- our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends, may they be protected in Jesus name.

My name is Gloria. I am a content writer and creative. I am not a CULTIST or a CRIMINAL.

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