Wrap-Up August

August was definitely music to my ears, besides the fact that I finally got these lovely set of AirPods- which made my life easier and better. Yes, I had different tempos play in my favour on different days and though I’d beat up myself about a whole lot, the lines have definitely been falling in pleasant places for me -maybe because my words of affirmation for this month worked. Okay, let’s read…

August started with so many hopes, expectations, new goals, impromptu activities, tons of financial obligations and just so much to do career-wise, health-wise and personally. On some days, I wanted to give up – no caps! But on other days, I had so much to be hopeful for. I felt really helpless and alone on most days and on some, I was more grateful for everyone around me, plus all the help I got. Guess what?

I landed 230+ followers on Instagram in August alone. Now, one of my reels landed 166,000 views and sincerely, it’s still reading. I got a house- which I haven’t moved in just yet because there’s still a lot to be done in it. My career growth has skyrocketed faster than I thought it would. My debts are constantly reducing and honestly, I’m already counting down to the next pay day because right now, Jehovah Jireh is really my provider. But, if you see my account statement for August, you will say I am doing well. Please, don’t mind it o, cut soap for me before all this body of God will start falling short of His glory. A few of my ex-es reached out to me and I kinda liked the attention, but you know me, I move faster than my shadow. Now, to the best part… *see as you dey prepare for gist… oga ooo!!1*

Let’s start with Aunty RiRi’s Billionaire status cause e still dey gimme goose bumps, but oil dey her head. So, BBNaija has been giving us back to back and na the last eviction shock me pass – Maria… Her attitude was annoying and I think she just really had to go. Meanwhile, I was so happy Queen was saved, but I was sad JMK with the banging body left us. As if BBN was not enough for me, Aunty Tiwa decided to drop her Water and Garri album and you already know my favorite song because she sang it for me and my sisters in the Lord… ‘Somebody’s son go love me one day.’ Meanwhile, If you have not watched #KOB2, don’t say a word to me. I had to watch it on Netflix and download it on NetNaija to re-watch – even if Aunty Kemi and Mummy Eniola Salami are saying we shouldn’t, well, I’m among those with coconut head. Let’s just say, I had to let every word, action and track sink in because omo, power pass power and there are levels to this thing. And the best part was visiting my Childhood crush’s mum- in fact, family and playing charades with them. It really did help me end the month properly. For me like this, sapa don full ground, but God don dey set table.

I achieved quite a number of things in August and I don’t want to talk too much in September because it is my month of rest, but please, send me money when you can because I’m carrying one weaving like that and sincerely, I’ve spent so much on this house project that I totally forgot a baby girl has to make her hair laidis. But, it is well. Mattress alone is 45, 000 naira for 8 inches. Oluwa, may the mattress give me sweet dreams and joy and the pillows bring plenty ideas to my head in Jesus name because it is well. Okay o, everywhere don dey set. September, thank you for better gbedu in advance. Thank you August for having me. September, be nice!

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