BBN Throwback and Thoughts on: S6 – #ShineYaEye

Are you actively or passively watching the Big Brother Naija Season 6 Reality TV Show? If you are, please tell me you’re not among those staying up late into the night to watch others sleep, because you are not He who never slumbers or sleep, neither are you a watchman on a watchtower. Getting enough sleep is very healthy, but don’t forget to catch up on juicy details you missed before you start getting all FOMO. So, here is my honest review on the #ShineYaEye Reality TV Show.

First of all, I am not an active follower of Reality TV Shows but let’s just say I have been passively and sometimes actively following the shows. I started with Big Brother Africa Season 2 in 2007 which featured my favourite house mate – Ofunneka who had to live with the likes of Richard and Tatiana. Fast forward to the next shows I watched – BBN S2 #SeeGobbe which featured Bisola, Tboss, Efe, Debbie Rise, Kemen, Uriel etc. BBN S3 #DoubleWahala which featured BamBam, Teddy A, CeeCee, Tobi, Alex, Miracle etc. BBN S4 #PepperDem which featured Mercy, Tacha, Ike, Dianne, Seyi, etc. BBN S5 #Lockdown which featured Erica, Laycon, Ozo, Kiddwaya, Nengi, etc. And finally, I’ve been bingeing on the BBN S6 #ShineYaEye series featuring White Money, Pere, Maria, Angel, Liquorose, Emmanuel, Jackie B, Michael, etc. Now, this is the series I’ll be talking about in this post. Don’t go no where!

Apparently, this season’s #ShineYaEye has won me over and I keep catching up with what’s going on in Biggie’s house or what I missed from four very apt, authentic and accurate people whom I recommend you check out: @talk2urhommietv on Instagram, Austin Betha, Olufemi Daniel and Frankly Speaking with Glory Elijah on YouTube. For the housemates, there’s been a lot of ships, sails and sinks; strategies and games; and lessons to learn from my end.

Sincerely, it’s in this house that I’ve seen situationships, no commitments and cruises play out in full force. And it’s crazy because we’ve gotten to a point where relationships are not a thing anymore and for those of us who love hard, we have to re-learn so much and either stay single or adapt to the modern dating pattern – which for me doesn’t add up. I’m here falling in love with some dude, he’s loving me up when we’re together, telling me he f*cks with me only, he’s down for whatever, yet reminding me every now and then that we’re not in a relationship, but he won’t let other guys come around me. Please, what the f*ck are we even doing? I’ve been in this ship at intervals and some ended well, but others, definitely not. My conclusion in this whole situationship, ship, sail, sink, cruise, pattern or whatever it is doesn’t interest me no more or sync with my core values at this point in my life- periodt! Yo!, I f*cking need some stability in my life man. So, for the house mates falling hard, I’m sorry, but again, I wish them success.

The next thing pissing me off so bad is this whole game and strategy thing especially with Pere showing off his insecurities and constantly calling out White Money as a threat to his game. Baba, if you think everything White Money does is a strategy, please, find your own strategy. Abi, you no dey follow motivational speakers who dey talk say your strategy needs a strategy? Please, some people just came to have fun. Stop trying to oppress, depress, impress and boss people around. The audacity of him always spilling his Alpha Male egocentric lifestyle on everyone is what constantly annoys me because he’s so toxic even to himself and a bloody narcissist, but again, we’re here to be educated and entertained in the process. So, with Maria as the new Head of House and this new eviction strategy Biggie has brought up, I’m just shaking my head. In fact, make everybody just get out with this whole game nonsense. Crazy ass mother f*cking shenanigans. (Okay, I have freedom of expression right… It’s my blog, but no offense to you who’s reading – I’m pissed!)

Personally, I believe that the quest for this grand prize in Biggie’s house is not a do or die affair. Only one person will win and sincerely, it’s already a win-win for everyone who’s on the show because already, there are brands preparing contracts, labels marking time for them to be out and fans constantly adding all the spice. So, whether or not you win the millions, you’re being watched by millions of people and a few hundreds or thousands are rooting for their own. So, here are my thoughts on the BBN Season 6 Show and Ebuka is always coming with the drip and drama. Tell me what you think about the show guys.


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