5 Things To Achieve Before The End of 2021


It’s Q3 already and like I shared in my latest Podcast, there are goals I had set out to achieve this year which I haven’t, and some others which were not even on the list that has been achieved. So, life is a two-way street. With less than 5months away from wrapping up the year, I have decided to be intentional about achieving 5 things before I make my Wrap-Up 2021 post in the last days of December. Here’s my list:


I have thought about starting a portfolio career and there are options on the ground, but I sincerely don’t know where to begin, who to talk to for authentic guidance, and a mentorship/coaching experience. So, I’ll just have to keep putting in the work to develop my craft, learn new stuff and sell myself and my products. I should start by setting up my workstation/studio/creative space and hopefully, every additional item will fall in place. So, I’m raising a bottle of water to that. *sips*


Thanks to my health insurance, I can finally take care of my health needs -even if it doesn’t cover so much. I have plans to see a dentist, check-up more often, practice skincare and hit the gym, visit a spa for some massage, steaming, and have all the good treat I can. Most importantly, I hope I can sleep more, stay hydrated, eat healthy, and live healthy.


In as much as my finances are not in a really good place, I’m hopeful that I’ll save and invest more, make some extra money which should be enough to take care of my needs, others and donate for a social good project. Hopefully, the debts get to disappear – Amen?


This does not mean I’ll be in a relationship, but if someone’s son decides to get us on a ship, my dear, I’ll love to set sail and catch a cruise or two. For this goal, I meant being more involved in my relationships with friends and family. Meeting new people and simply putting myself out there to achieve all 5 different goals. Quite intentional yeah?


Now, here’s the part that makes me glow some more. All the other 4 goals are in alignment with this one and thinking about it alone makes me so happy. I know there’s a lot to explore, experience, and look forward to. I want to travel to three more places this year including Ibadan and 2 more places. I want to explore my city a lil bit more, but when I remember how red my bank balance is, I just think about ways to overcome this sapa, think of who will cut soap for me or who go fund my lifestyle bayi. But, on God!🙌🏽

So, these are the five goals I hope to achieve this year. Tell me what you think, how far you’ve gone in achieving your goals for the year, if you have any outstanding goals you hope to achieve before 2021 ends, and let me know if we can collaborate on achieving either of our goals- if they align.


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