Away in my thoughts, you’re my newest muse. Yo! I want to race the sheets and get to the finish line, but not alone. I’m stressed out most times, but you’re my relief. You take me back and forth, fill me up like a filament, and lately been watching over me like watch tower, and I want to ask how you do it, but I remember I’m not askamanya.

I want to play monopoly again, cause I like the way you make me your business and handle me without resistance – like the other night you grabbed my butt before the asun seller and made me hurt myself to pleasure later that night with the same mouth I ate on the road with you.

Let’s just say your t-shirts sit so good on me like I sit on you with them on. I guess you work so hard in the office same way you work so hard on me – tell me why you won’t drip glory after all your sweat and effort.

You won’t believe the different spaces I’ve checked has been with you in my head, seeing how comfy this corner or that would be for spontaneous moments.

I don’t wanna say too much only that I want you for dinner on one of these cold nights cause you keep me warm and safe dear knight without a shiny armour.

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