Wrap-Up July


Long post alert!!! but it’s better late than never. It’s one about happiness, sadness, peace, joy, fulfilment, frustration, lessons, blessings, gratitude and strength. So, prepare your mind for an up and down movement because I will be wrapping up July with no cap, but with words of affirmation for August. And, here goes nothing for the gram.

July started with so much goodness, hope, blessings and a zeal to get going and keep doing. There was so much to do, achieve, experience, hope and be grateful for. I had to connect and reconnect with my personal goals, preferred family & friends, and I had to disconnect at every opportunity I got and some I created.

Work has been up and down, navigating different projects, tasks, roles, environments, cultures, team members, etc. I have multi-tasked, achieved my deliverables, procrastinated some tasks, set deadlines I couldn’t meet up, worked myself over more than twice, burned out completely, had regrets, set goals and created strategies to work on my weaknesses, sync my weaknesses with the different available opportunities, look forward to ways to grow, do more and be better.

Health wise, I have been down… There’s really been a decline on my health, but I chose to eat more, drink a lot of water, try to tackle problems the best way I could because problem no dey finish, and I reminded myself everyday that there were some things beyond my control and my reaction to those actions and inactions made all the difference. I also got me a pair of lenses that cost me a fortune.

Damn!!!! This leads me to my entanglement series. I love me a good meal because it gives me so much peace, joy, makes my heart flutter, keeps me glowing and dripping glory. I have one best chef anyone would pray to have in a corner. If you’re served varieties and as many times as possible, there’s no way the evidence of good living would not be seen in your life. No details… we move! Plus, I got a new piercing and that’s for me moving on from the guy I wanted to build my ever growing world around, but it wasn’t for him and it makes me happy to finally realize that after so long. There’s always better after the last- trust me. I’m in a good place- that’s why.

Bad news, I’ve had so many thoughts to resign, call it quits and just rest from the different jobs I’m working, go home, stay around family and friends, but I remember that the life I want to live in a couple of years is a very expensive one and I need to learn all the basics now, use the tools, build the network, d this and that – which never ends by the way, but I’m still here, doing what I can, when and how I can.

Also, I lost three people who were family to me. Miracle – who I’d known for over 10 years, sang in the choir together, attended extra classes, strolled home with, made lengthy calls with, read poetry from and there’s this one line I can never forget when he told me one time over the phone that ‘The rivers can not define your beauty.’ Miracle is gone. He died in an accident on his way to NYSC camp in northern Nigeria. I lost Umar – my paddy, pending pilot, partner in crime, colleague, vibe giver, just a lot and honestly, I’ve been so hurt because we had chemistry from day one we met. There was never a dull moment with him- even after we parted ways, but this made me realize how fickle life is. I lost my Aunty – Nneyin. She slept on July 31st and didn’t wake up on August 1st. She was healthy, a great chef, I did her make up on her daughter’s wedding, learned a simple way to make pounded yam from her during the last holiday at home about 7 months ago, her son just had a baby and now, my Uncle is alone. Where will I eat so much festive meals from? In less than 2 weeks, 3 people that contributed so much positivity to my life passed on. Yes, I am still broken from the thought of it, but it’s only a reminder that no one holds tomorrow and it’s best to live in the moment and have a personal relationship with your creator because life is fickle.

Some good news!!! My debts are clearing up bit by bit, my elder sister moved into her new and permanent home, delivered a beautiful baby into the world and I am currently undergoing training to become a certified PM+ MPHSS Helper. Soon, your baby girl is going to be a certified caregiver. I have a lot of secrets I want to dish out and it’s all good news, but because I’ve learned to be more confidential these days, I’m keeping them to myself till the time appointed. Plus, your baby girl bagged 200+ followers on WordPress!!! Drumrolls puhleeaazzeee… It’s been less than 2 years on non-consistent posting, but growth has been taking place each step of the way. I still have a lot of work to do on this blog, but my priorities just keep changing and bills keep adding up. 200+ organic followers without strings attached. That’s some good news fam. More to do, more to come.

July was a really good month regardless of all the downsides I had to deal with. I had that 30 Days Challenge going on well until my walls came closing in, but I’ll share very soon in a next post most of the things I learned and goodies I kept away for you during the challenge. So, Dear August, I need to maintain my glow and drip some more glory… C’est claire!

How was July for you? What do you wish for August?

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