10/30 Days Challenge Recap

So far so good, it’s been 10 days out of this 30 days challenge and I can tell you with my full chest that I have been able to consistently achieve a few things and I’ve been looking for someone to reward all my efforts. Who go do giveaway for me bayi? The way my account balance is doing smeh smeh laidis eh, my village people are doing things behind the scene and I need to start binding and casting because the way 20k be looking like 2k, one of these days, i’ll need to thrift my own clothes and cash out for something else before I start going all FOMO because nobody is cutting soap for me and i’m here still shouting ‘a babe and more.’ Wo, let’s just say life is not balanced, but i’m low-key living On God- my Sky Daddy who’s constantly on my matter and sending ’em cute dripping guys my way, but i’m focused in life and just sing dorime in my heart and mind my business. Okay, enough of all the bants – buh guys, the audacity i’ve had in the past days sha, I think it’s new level unlocked. Well…

Let’s just say I’ve created a list of the 30 articles and book summaries I’m reading in 30 days and will share that list on the last day with y’all. Articles from Forbes, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Medium, etc. I’ve listened to so much good music in the last couple of days starting from HBO’s Euphoria, Post Malone’s songs, new afro beat releases, yet to be released songs from friends who’re into music business, songs from the amazing movies and series I’ve seen and I’m even more excited on how well I’m daily trying to fill my spiritual bank with so much Bible reading, messages, prayers, praise and worship sessions, etc. I’ve been doing a lot, eating a lot and well, still struggling with sleep cause I sleep for 3-4hrs sometimes which isn’t so good.

Now, I have 20 more days to go and it’s overwhelming to an extent, but I’m happy I took up this challenge and yes, I look forward to more things to do, read, eat, explore and add to my personal project bank. Thank you for sticking to this post regardless of all my deviations which is actually on purpose. Okay, I’m out! Love you…

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