Life Lately: An Update On The Specifics

Forget about the pictures you see because it’s a product from my most relaxed days and unplanned best moments in the last couple of days… Let’s just say 3-5 days. My life has gone from being so organized and planned out, happy and full of life to a life where I can’t even get a hold of or grip on. Am I happy? Truth is, only when I’m home or with him. Am I fulfilled? Truth is, only when I’m working on a personal project or something new and exciting. How do I really feel? Truth is, I just want to get my health checked, take some time off work to rest and find that mojo back. Sometimes, I’m so excited for a moment, but these days, each time work is involved, the mere thought of it drains me. So, each time I can disconnect, I don’t pass off on it. What else?

Lately, work has been challenging and draining too because of the environment and the people involved. I got another job and honestly, I’m excited about it because it’s where my passion lies and I do want to stay productive while trying to find my path to fulfilling purpose. So, let’s just say i’m doing what I can, how I can and whether or not i’m upset and frustrated most of the time or not, what matters most is me achieving a thing or two at the end of each day. Typing this, I have so much sleep in my eyes, I am weak and need to sleep, my body aches badly and all I want to do is replay yesterday- with me tucked in the duvet, watching Lupin on Netflix, cuddled up with a cutie who’s got a banging and hot body, etc. I wish I took his advice and called in sick, but again, we move.

I’m back to my reality with work, writing reports, attending meetings, organising trainings, doing this and that and wearing a smile that’s not from my heart- just to avoid further questions or concerns. Next, i’ll be up to house hunting, thinking about paying off debts, trying to create a comfortable space and vice versa. I possibly sound exhausted in this post…but this is an example of a day in my life. Till next time, please say a prayer for a baby girl that’s trying to navigate this thing called life.

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