30 Days Personal Challenge – #Day1

No, nobody sent me to do this challenge. I sent myself. I created the content, challenge subjects, 30 things I choose to challenge myself to do in 30days and this is day1. Forgive my manners…happy new month and welcome to July.

June was one of the best months for me and I’m grateful for July because I know there’s more to come. So, to successfully achieve something this month, I have deliberately created this 30 habits in 30 days challenge for myself. I feel challenged already in day one, but yes, I can! Guess what?

I feel like it’s a reconnection season for me. Why? In the last couple of days, I have reconnected with more amazing people in my life- which wasn’t even deliberate, but something I am excited about. Now, the amazing thing about this reconnection is the fact that we’re going to be working on projects to build both our portfolios- for everyone involved. It’s brought me so much joy, peace and something to look forward to.

Meanwhile, always trust your instincts and if you have a personal relationship with the supernatural, please by all means, listen more and act on what you receive. So, I went house hunting today and baba said I should come inside. When he opened the door, I felt a force that pinned my legs to the ground and I didn’t enter. I just stood outside, looked in and told him no, thank you. The smell coming from the house was a combination of strong drugs and incense and whatever. Next thing, he asked when next i’d be coming to spend time personally with him. I smiled, told him i’d get back to him, muttered a few words of gratitude to God and the Holy spirit for the spirit of discernment and protection. Whew! That’s settled now… In-between, I need to open a go-fund-me account because I cannot do this house rent thingy on my own. However, I have a God who always works in mysterious ways as far as my matter is concerned.

Trust God! He always come through…

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