Wrap-Up June

Let’s just say I’m smiling, jumping, blushing and feeling all the goodness run through my veins. June was a blast! I haven’t had so much joy, peace, love, answers, blessings, favours and miracles happen all at once in a long while. In fact, this is the best month of my year so far in 2021. Damn…it’s been a ride. It’s been a cruise and I am so happy I am on this trip with my ride or die friends and family. It feels good to be home…finally. I’m not there yet, it’s not all rosy and sorted, but God has been faithful and I honestly don’t know where to start counting my blessings from.

So, on my birthday wish list, I prayed over some things I needed and honestly, most of it were sorted before and after my birth date. Let’s just say I’m glowing and feeling so good that I don’t know how to keep the goodness to myself. Okay, I got 2 jobs and a promotion in June. I bought myself a phone as a birthday gift – that money eeeehhhhnnn, but we move! I relocated to Lagos and started going up and down this month. I reconnected with amazing friends and family in June. I realized my line manager speaks French too. I bagged some certificates and recognition. I launched my magazine and I’m excited about how well my portfolio is coming up. My new housemates have been awesome and to think I eat bread everyday because the bakery is sharing the same fence with us, is amazing. I have fallen in love with the UY SCUTI Album, Apollo too and Wild West. Okay, I am glowing, not because I don’t have a lot i’m going through, but because I have chosen not too kill myself and overthink things.

Adjusting and adapting is taking me a while and besides traffic, mosquitoes and the rough state of the city, work has been OMG. Sometimes, I can’t even find my footing and other times, I remind myself that I’m building capacity and the only way to grow is by going up. So, I just drink water, mind my business and sleep when I can. I can’t even begin to talk about how frustrating, exhausting and demanding it gets sometimes- trying to navigate and juggle family, friends, finances, career, everything all at once, but again, I pray daily for divine strength and yes, God has been faithful. I am house hunting and that’s a blog post for another day. There’s so much to come in the next half of the year and I trust God to do His will, have His way and let the blessings be. Meanwhile, your baby girl has been able to get relaxed and taken care of…the gist is loading. See ehn, after this whole break up drama, I am happy I can glow again with pride. So, here’s a message for July:

Dear July, rain down goodness, glory and so much glow on me.

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4 thoughts on “Wrap-Up June

  1. Praise God for all the good things that have come your way..we all have baggages we carry, but it is wise to focus on the positive things around us and in us, and let negative things fall by the wayside.

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