This Thing Called Love And Everything In-Between: #Breakup

The sub-topic in this series wasn’t supposed to be in view or my reality at all, but life happens and we have to move on, grow up and live on. Last week, my relationship ended. Okay, I should say friendships because it’s not from one source only. It hurts a whole lot, but there’s no time to check time and a baby girl has to live her life to the fullest. What happened?

Few days ago, my girlfriend shared with me a post on Medium and while reading it, I had a mix of emotions and thoughts recalibrating in my head. We deliberated on the post which was about a young girl who ended a relationship/friendship she’d nurtured and grown into for over 5years of her life. Maybe it was 8 or 10… I can’t recall, but we broke down every line into topics we reflected on. After careful analysis, she shared a similarly personal story with me. I called two other friends and we all had stories to share.

Later that night, I was so burdened by the post and stories I’d listened to and it got me thinking about a lot. This was a subject i’d always wanted to write on, but didn’t know how to go about it because I didn’t have where to draw from. So, after struggling to find sleep- which was impossible, I decided to write about this subject on friendship, relationship, grooming, friends with benefits and all about that line. I poured out my heart in it, carefully weaving in every detail that needed to be highlighted and shared it with a couple of friends-boyfriends and girlfriends inclusive.

A couple of days later, I was bewildered when I realized that two friends blocked me- a male and female, two others took it up on social media- one, writing a poem about how I ended what we had and another wrote an epistle on WhatsApp about how I decided to move on and blah. Now, the others actually read, replied and asked what inspired it, if I was okay and all of that. To say I was confused on the different reactions to my last post is an understatement. I wasn’t referring to anyone, it was a topic I was concerned about and one I shared my thoughts on.

Do I regret making that post or sharing it? No! Why? It made me realize more than I thought I would take out from it. To think they ghosted, blocked me, assumed stuff and whatever there is in-between is an understatement. I was sad that the people I held in high esteem, loved and appreciated misinterpreted, assumed stuff and acted on their impulse-which has led to a breakup. I am dealing the best way I can, but it really hurts and I am disappointed, but again, we move!

I’ve realized that sometimes, it’s not about me, it’s them. They chose not to reach out and get information. They chose not to communicate their thoughts and feelings. They chose not to be expressive on how my post affected them, but again, lesson learned. On to the next! Here’s a link to the post on medium

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2 thoughts on “This Thing Called Love And Everything In-Between: #Breakup

  1. Very sorry to hear these. Be proud of who you are. Your so- called friends shouldn’t dictate how you see yourself or make you feel bad when expressing yourself. Move on to creating new relationship that last

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