Relearning Consistency

What comes to mind when you read or hear people talk about CONSISTENCY? For me, I think about how to be organized, find stability and stay relevant. Sometimes, my personal board of directors send words of affirmation my way, by constantly reminding me of how consistent I’ve been with pushing my dreams, availing myself with opportunities, taking on chances and putting my best foot forward. However, I sometimes don’t make a big deal out of my consistency level. Why? Because, daily, I simply try to do me and the me that I know is a fighter and a winner- this doesn’t mean I haven’t failed a number of times before, but being resilient is part of the game.

Personally, being consistent is something I have always battled with. It’s like the mosquitoes in Lagos, I have to constantly battle with them with insecticides or in my head and in my sleep- day and night. I have not been the most consistent person in pursuing my dreams, chasing passion, putting in the work, staying organized, showing up and in the different number of ways anyone would define consistency. Yes, I get so disinterested sometimes and maybe lazy or not, I conform to rejections and self-doubt, I ignore the signs and messages to show up, I numb myself away from situations and people that remind me of why I need to keep pushing- because, well, sometimes, *don’t mind my tautology* I get tired of trying to show up and just want to stay underground.

Regardless of all my incompetence and flaws, there are people who still see me as a really consistent person. *I chose to use a picture of my room in a disorganized state because sometimes, I’m not always so prim and proper. This applies to my general life and the different aspects of my life -self-care, work-life, relationships, Christian walk, and the list is endless.* Now, some people always ask how I stay so consistent and I have always wanted to make a post on it and let’s just say something good triggered the need to finally blog about consistency. During an interview yesterday, I was asked to talk about what I do to stay consistent and I want to get so real with you in the next paragraph.

Consistency is something that can be learned and relearned. For instance, I try to maintain and constantly oil my relationships with people, but the moment I notice there is a bridge building up, I try as much as I can to turn on the communication lines and keep them open until I put up boundaries -which I sometimes fail to communicate before time and end up doing damage control later and this applies to different areas of my life. Sometimes, I neglect my relationship with God, abandon my social media platforms, put up invisible walls, ignore my dreams and centre my energy on the now. Yes, I neglect even myself and forget that I need to eat healthy, get enough sleep, stay hydrated, do my laundry and the dishes, fold some clothes, see a movie and be happy. So, when people say I’ve abandoned them, I tell them I’ve abandoned myself too, but apologise for not reaching out and promise to do better-even if it’s for the next 6weeks to one month or more. Now, that’s the spirit! Recognising that I’ve flawed, being accountable for it, taking responsibility for my inconsistency, promising to do better and doing it is what helps me constantly relearn how to stay consistent with certain aspects of my life.

The friendships I’ve built and nurtured in the past one year has helped me a great deal in how I manage relationships. I have to constantly show up, communicate my ups and downs, highs and lows- so we’re on the same page, constantly reminding them of how much I appreciate their presence in my life and doing my best to keep that bond helps me keep the friendship going despite the many battles we have. Okay, I’ve digressed a lot and I apologise for it. Anyways, *like my friend Esther would say* what do I do to stay consistent with my dreams and in my career?

In the pursuit of my dreams and constant strive for career growth, I take up online courses on relevant topics and trust me, I am always learning in order not to be found wanting or lose my relevance. I take up challenging projects- some personal and others handed down- to help me stay abreast with the demands in our ever changing world. I follow people who are experts at the things I’m learning and always try to research, analyse, sign up and participate in industry events, activities, conferences, meetings, etc. I ask questions when I need clarity and avail myself with as many resource materials from different mediums that can help me put my best foot forward at all times. I know I might sound like a fraud right now, but sometimes, what helps me stay consistent is me asking myself what my future self would do in any situation- imposter syndrome aside. Also, I try to be present and go back to the basics. So, what do you do to stay consistent?


Try, try and try again…


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7 thoughts on “Relearning Consistency

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting, Niraj.

      I agree with you that consistency can be a really demanding feat, but I believe it can be learned and eventually become a strength.


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