Welcome To Lagos!

In my last post, I said I was going to talk about my day 1 experience in Lagos- which was 3 days ago, but honestly, I finally got baptized today and was fully welcomed to Lagos. Read on…

On Sunday, I went with my friend to check out my route to work and it was easy and a 20mins ride from home. For the three days, I was against the traffic or maybe beating it like they say, but omo, today showed me pepper. So, because it rained heavily yesterday and the night was so cold, I stayed in bed for a few more minutes, but it didn’t change the fact that I still left early- 20mins later than the normal time. My dear, I was stuck in traffic from Charlie boy bus stop to Niger Insurance house before the barracks if you’re coming from Gbagada. That alone got my ass seated in the danfo bus for more than 2hrs. This Lagos traffic is worse than the one in Apo, Karu and Kubwa combined. Okay, it didn’t end there.

So, my bus eventually climbed some stone like that in the course of rushing and got a flat tyre. We had to come down, wait for him to fix the spare tyre he had, but some people left because in fact, other danfo and BRT buses, cars, etc were all stuck. The express was blocked because some trailer got bad and blocked the road so, going to Oshodi was just a hassle and you needed to see people trekking distances. Sha, the tyre was fixed, a vulcanizer was around to pump air into it and we drove off eventually. Now, there was this truck that was so bad and kept following us, it emitted so much fumes that was enough to cause a heart attack, but I survived and well, we all did.

On getting to Isolo, there was traffic again, I just came down from the bike and did the 3mins trek. I got to the office by 9:27am since 6:30am I left the house. I had to be out with my line manager and let’s just say I found myself in Ojuelegba and Surulere. We got to NYSC office and had a lengthy conversation with this lovely woman and from the convo we had, I would like to use this medium to say that a lot of youths out there need help. From having social skills to knowing how to communicate, express themselves, build relationships, have ethics to just a lot. Some from rich families are either rude or just lack common sense because well, their parents lobby through everything from nursery school to the university, NYSC to jobs and even marriages. No disrespect and no offence to those from privileged backgrounds, but I believe that some parents are not doing their children any good by constantly playing God over their lives. Sha, that one is not my problem. If the kids can’t do well for themselves without their parents constantly being their intervention call, then, it is still not my problem.

Moving on, I was entertained by the radio during my waka and I just need to share this gist with you. So, first of all eh, this whole Twitter ban thing by the Federal Government of Nigeria is just uncalled for. The rights of Nigerians are being infringed upon and I feel like the Government should have simply fought for the regularization of social media rather than suspending twitter operations in the country and trying to ban all other social networks in Nigeria too. They should check out what India did and stop trying to be like China- which is an already overly developed country. Bubu no try just because his tweet was deleted. Sha, what is my own? After all, VPNs did it for us during ENDSARS and have been available before then, so, I can as well be doing my thing from Canada in Nigeria. If one person keeps instigating violence in Nigeria using Twitter, he should simply be reported for a suspension just like it was done to Trump who is taking sides with Bubu on the suspension. Oga oo!

Did you know that Jumia’s 9th anniversary is in a few days and they’ll be having a 2weeks campaign from the 11th of June? Okay now, you need to get me something o because there will be lots of discounts, freebies and plenty packages on a budget- please get that lifetime free delivery ticket on the wheel of fortune e jo. Concerning the traffic on the mainland today, someone called in to ask for a way out and the baba that was supposed to help him just said: “Oga, e be like say road no dey o. Traffic don block everywhere and the only option na to go back wer u from come.” I laughed so hard ehn. Plus, this Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay’s talk is another banger. That is how Seyi after doing a collabo with Victoria Kimani about Tiwa saw her in a salon in Lekki and said: “Hi.” I’m sure Tiwa said Hi kee you der…hahahaha… The one that just off-ed me was her using Jam Jam to swear. Please, check out the gist for yourself o. Don’t ask me. Now, it’s past 4pm and I’m supposed to go home, but this yeye rain has refused to stop and umbrella, I no get. Na wa o. My life sha. That is how i’ve moved from hearing Area 1, Nyanya-Maraba-Masaka-Ado, Apo-Kabusa junction-Primary to Oshodi Oke-Isale-Aswani-MMA 2. Please, I just want to go home, branch by the bakery close to the house, get some hot bread, drink tea, make a few calls and sleep off. Please, how are you? How was your day? This lagos sha… e don spoil finish already. Very wereyish people everywhere. I’ll take my time and explore the city soon.


So, that is how I left the office yesterday, hoping to get home and rest after the morning stress from traffic, but my village people showed up. From Iyan’isolo to Oshodi, I spent over an hour 30mins stuck in danfo. Then, in Oshodi alone, I spent almost 3hours turning through the railroad to Ilupeju and Anthony because my driver decided to take short cut. Shebi you see this shortcut thing eh, it has landed plenty people in kasala. Instead of using the express, baba decided to help me tour lagos mainland faster in one day. Okay o, I sha got home by past 9pm since 4pm I left the office. Lemme hear somebody say eko o ni baje after this Lagos has spoil and finish. I heard Bubu is in the city today. Pray for me because I just might break down one of these days if there’s traffic again.

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11 thoughts on “Welcome To Lagos!

    1. Lol. Thank you for reading and commenting too, but when you say down to earth, please, are you referring to it being detailed or? Plus, are you in the city? Mainland or Island? I hope you didn’t get stuck in the traffic too today?


      1. If i may ask, how long you being a blogger here on wordpress? Really hoping to start blogging, just not sure yet about buying domain and hosting plan..just want to use the free version and hone my love to write..likely after my 250 blog post, will move full and buy a domain and hosting plan..do u have any choice in where to buy affordable hosting plan


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